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Giro d'Italia 2007 - The Difficulties
By Fabio
Date: 12/2/2006
Giro d'Italia 2007 - The Difficulties

Giro d'Italia 2007 - Difficulties

In this page you can find a stage-by-stage list of all difficulties of the 2007 Giro d'Italia (running from Saturday, May 12th to Sunday June 03rd). Similarly to all most recent editions of such contest, the next bike-fight over the coveted Maglia Rosa has a lot of uphill riding and five mountain top finishes on store. All mountain top finishes are highlighted in green.

As it's often the case, the "Cima Coppi" is not an all-Italian thing only, as the highest peak in the 2007 race is no less than the Colle dell'Agnello (2744m asl), situated at the border between the Giro's homeland and nearby France; it will be climbed halfway through a helluva stage also featuring the legendary Col du Izoard, whose slopes wrote several great pages in the books of both Le Tour de France as well as Italy's number one cycling event; and looks determined to keep writing ...

Stage 2 (Tempio Pausania to Bosa, km. 203):
Valico Pedra Ettori (657m asl)

Stage 4 (Salerno to Santuario di Montevergine, km. 158):
Picco S.Angelo (465m asl);
Montevergine di Mercogliano (1260m asl) - Mountain Top Finish

Stage 5 (Teano to Frascati, km. 172):
Cantoniera Macere (327m asl)

Stage 6 (Tivoli to Spoleto, km. 181):
Monte Terminillo - Sella di Leonessa (1894m asl);
Forca Capistrello (1211m asl);
Forca di Cerro (734m asl)

Stage 7 (Spoleto to Scarperia, km. 239):
Valico Croce a Mori (955m asl)

Stage 8 (Barberino del Mugello to Fiorano Modenese, km. 194):
Passo della Futa (903m asl);
Sestola (1020m asl)

Stage 9 (Reggio Emilia to Lido di Camaiore, km. 182):
Passo del Cerreto (1261m asl)

Stage 10 (Lido Camaiore to Santuario N.S. della Guardia, km. 230):
Passo della Biscia (890m asl);
Santuario Nostra Signora della Guardia (760m asl) - Mountain Top Finish

Stage 12 (Scalenghe to Briancon, km. 163):
Colle dell'Agnello (2744m asl- CIMA COPPI);
Colle d'Izoard (2360m asl)

Stage 13 (Biella to Oropa Sanctuary - Uphill ITT, km. 13):
Oropa - Finishing Line (1135m asl) - Mountain Top Finish

Stage 14 (Cantu' to Bergamo, km. 181):
Passo di San Marco (1985m asl);
Colle San Gallo (984m asl)

Stage 15 (Trento to Tre Cime di Lavaredo, km. 191):
Passo di S.Pellegrino (1918m asl);
Passo di Giau (2236m asl);
Passo Tre Croci (1805m asl);
Tre Cime di Lavaredo (2320m asl) - Mountain Top Finish

Stage 16 (Agordo/Dolomiti Stars to Lienz, km. 196):
Passo di Campolongo(1875m asl);
Bannberg (1262m asl)

Stage 17 (Lienz to Monte Zoncolan, km. 14):
Passo di Monte Croce Comelico (1636m asl);
Tualis (887m asl);
Zoncolan (1730 m asl) - Mountain Top Finish

Stage 19 (Treviso to Comano Terme, km. 178):
Pian delle Fugazze (1162m asl);
Ballino (755m asl)

Stage 21 (Vestone to Milano, km. 181):
Passo Tre Termini (701m asl)


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